Kidsource has been providing services for kids and families since 1998. We focus on providing services to enhance child development, support & education and assistance to families with children from birth to 21.

Our company is composed of a close knit group of highly motivated, professionally trained individuals who provide outpatient Developmental, Occupational, Physical, and Speech therapies to children with delays and special needs. We are continuously seeking continuing educational opportunities to be able to provide the highest quality services to our clients and families.

Along with providing therapy at our clinics, other sites include but are not limited to, an individual’s home, preschool/daycare, community locations or school and any other possible locations that are determined to be appropriate for a child’s needs. Our therapists work at various sites throughout Pulaski, Saline, Grant, Clark, and Jefferson counties.

We are  also an Early Intervention provider which falls under Part C of the IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act). These services target the 0-3 population to identify and meet the needs of children in the areas of social development, adaptive (self-help) development, motor development, communication development, and cognitive development. Please see our Early Intervention page for more information.

We have a variety of programs that we utilize to enhance the therapy experience for our clients. Along with programs such as aquatics, hippotherapy, Integrated Listening Systems and others, we have recently opened a new sensory and feeding clinic at our Benton location. Feel free to explore our site for more information on these programs or contact us at 501-315-4414 or email info@kidsourcetherapy.com.