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Kidsource is a certified early intervention provider through First Connections Early Intervention Services in Arkansas.

The First Connections program is funded by a federal grant from Part C of The Individuals With Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). The purpose of the program is to address small developmental delays at a young age to help children prepare for preschool and school readiness. With family participation and education, small delays are less likely to become larger delays that need to be addressed at school age.

The program provides evaluation and services for families of children birth to thirty-six months at no cost to the family. The program also provides assistance to families in understanding their child’s development and how to incorporate activities into their daily routines to support their child’s
continued progress.

Who can be a part of the Early Intervention Program?

Children ages birth to thirty-six months who:

- Have a developmental delay in one or more areas of development. This delay must be 25% or more of their chronological age.

- Have a medical diagnosis that has a high probability of resulting in a developmental delay.

- Children that have a high risk of developing a delay due to environmental factors, drug exposure, accidents or any other factor that contributes to a possible delay in development.

Please email us at info@kidsourcetherapy.com or call 501-315-4414 for more information.

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