Physical Therapy

What does it mean when my doctor recommends physical therapy (PT) for my child?  

It means that your doctor has some concerns regarding the overall gross motor development and functional skills that your child may be missing or just needing to work on.

Would my child benefit from having physical therapy?

Many children who demonstrate delays in the areas of balance, coordination, poor muscle control and tone, walking abnormalities, torticollis, poor posture, and overall decreased strength and endurance may benefit from direct physical therapy services.     

How do I know if my child qualifies for PT?

A licensed PT will perform a comprehensive evaluation using specific standardized evaluation tools and detailed history provided by you the parent.  All the information from the evaluation including scores, medical background, functional outcomes, assessments, and recommendations will be discussed and provided to you and your child’s physician.  If your child qualifies based on the standard guidelines, a plan of care and schedule will be set for you and your child.

If my child qualifies for PT, what will he/she be doing in therapy?

Your child will work with a fun and enthusiastic PT on functional goals by incorporating these skills and activities through various forms of play and creative fun.  We love to challenge kids by pushing them to improve their gross motor development and skills through innovative and creative activities.   In addition, there will be lots of good ideas and activities given to you the parents so that many of these skills being learned during therapy sessions can be further encouraged to do and achieve faster at home. 

Our Main PT Goal for your child:

We want to work not only with your child but as a family unit so that you and your child trust that your PT has your child's overall best interest at heart.  Our main goal is to work on improving the specific areas of need for your child and to facilitate age-appropriate skills and overall functional independence. 

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