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Developmental Therapy

Support Your Child’s Development

Education for You and Your Family

Our developmental therapists design, modify, and implement therapeutic interventions for your child and family to promote functional independence, acquisition of skills, and full participation at home and in the community.

Natural & Seamless Therapeutic Interventions

Developmental therapy consists of natural yet therapeutic interventions in a child’s daily routines, such as mealtimes, bath time, bedtime, playtime, and getting ready in the morning. It focuses on all five areas of your child’s development:

Cognitive Skills

Your child uses cognitive skills to approach the world through thinking, reasoning, and problem-solving. We measure your child’s attention and memory, reasoning and academic skills, and perception.

Social-Emotional Skills

Through the lens of this domain, we look at how your child socially interacts with their peers, family members, and adults in various settings. This includes how they are able to express and understand emotional responses.

Language & Communication

We look at developmental communication through the lens of helping your child fully participate in daily routines, focusing on their receptive and expressive language. We assess how your child communicates both verbally and non-verbally and how well they can receive information from others.

Physical Development

We help your child navigate their environment independently by focusing on the development of physical skills they need, including gross motor skills like sitting, crawling, pulling to stand, and walking. We also help with fine motor skills used to interact with more detailed parts of the environment, such as picking up and manipulating small objects. 

Self-Help Skills

Our therapists support your child’s independence, helping with the development of their sleeping, eating, mobility, toileting, dressing, and more advanced social skills.

More Than a Therapy Provider

At Kidsource, we partner with families and caregivers to provide an environment that fosters growth and inclusion for everyone. We strive to educate and empower families with integrity and teamwork in every area, from the ownership team, administrative staff, and each of our therapists.

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