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Education for Kidsource Families

Equipping & Empowering Families

Parenting a child with a developmental delay or disorder can be overwhelming, to say the least. At Kidsource, we strive to empower our families by giving them the resources they need to maximize their child’s potential.

Tools to Aid Your Child’s Growth

After spending over 20 years helping children and their families through therapy services, we’ve come across some amazing resources. Explore this variety of tools & tips–

Parental Therapy Resources

Find education and support for families of children with developmental delays or disorders.

Developmental Screenings

Determine if your child is on target for their developmental skills.

First Connections

Discover how First Connections can promote your child’s development from ages birth to 3.

Development Chart

Our Milestone Tracker can help you determine if your child is reaching crucial milestones at the appropriate age.

Become A Key Part of Your Child’s Development

Education is an essential part of our therapy process at Kidsource. We believe that parents and caregivers are the key agents of change in their child’s life. Therefore, we provide families with the proper support and education to help their children develop and learn.

Hear From Our Families

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We’re here to answer any questions regarding your child’s development.

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